International Giving

Academics Without Borders

Academics Without Borders concentrates on helping the most economically disadvantaged countries by working with volunteer academic experts to help strengthen education in developing countries.

Bring Back Hope

Dr. Rick Hodes has devoted his life to Ethiopia’s poor and sick.  He went there in the mid-1980s to help victims of the famine. Thirty years later he is still there, saving hundreds of young lives.

Lift the Children

At Lift the Children their mission is to seek out the world’s most destitute children and provide them with the necessities, training and inspiration they need to develop, grow and become self-sufficient.

Obakki Foundation

The Obakki Foundation works with regional governments and organizations such as the United Nations to drill and monitor water wells in the South Sudan, Cameroon and Uganda. Since its inception, it has provided clean water to over 2.5 million people & education to tens of thousands of children.

Omid Foundation

The Omid Foundation empowers and supports marginalized young women in Iran by providing them with opportunities to experience a range of education and training in an environment of respect, dignity and kindness.

We Charity

Their Adopt a Village model offers long-term support to communities. It works with local communities to free families from the grips of poverty to become a self-sustaining community.

Manac, Haiti

In 2010, a devastating earthquake struck close to Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. The DMF partnered with We Charity to rebuild and restore the infrastructure in Manac…


Since 1999, We Charity has been operating in the Narok South District, building schools, libraries, water projects, latrines, kitchens and teachers’ accommodations…

Rajasthan, India

The objectives of We Charity in India are to combat child labour and provide access to education for the most marginalized people of India, with the hope of breaking the cycle of poverty…