WE Charity – India

Rajasthan, India

Their objectives in India are to combat child labour and provide access to education for the most marginalized people of India, with the hope of breaking the cycle of poverty and helping them gain rights and access sustainable development resources.


More than a quarter of India’s population lives below the poverty line, and nearly half of all children in rural areas are underweight.  Only 50 percent of girls attend secondary school and 35 percent of women are illiterate.

Education Projects

The Foundation funds education projects in the northern desert state of Rajasthan, which suffers from many environmental, economic and social crises. The focus is to build different types of schools that offer youth choices in fields of study.

Gender Disparities

Girls in India, specifically among tribal populations of Rajasthan, experience a great number of gender disparities.  They have the highest female illiteracy rate in the entire country. Child labour is also rampant throughout Rajasthan.

Poor and malnourished

According to the World Bank, Indian children are among the most underweight and malnourished in the world.

Mutual Goals

The mutual goals of WE and the Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation in Rajasthan are to combat child labour and provide access to education for its indigenous and most marginalized people.


In 2014, the Eshghi family visited India to work alongside villagers and other volunteers.



We saw first hand the kind of impact these projects made. Empowering the people in rural India with the tools they need to improve their ability to earn an income is key.

~ Hamid Eshghi