The Miracle Machine – The Immunoassay Analyzer

Where One Tiny Drop of Blood Can Make all the Difference

Over 45,000 babies a year are tested at BC Women’s Hospital using the Immunoassay Analyzer.  All it takes is a tiny drop of blood taken from the baby’s heel.

One in 1,000 babies tested will be identified with an invisible, yet potentially deadly, metabolic condition.

A community of generous donors, including the Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation, replaced an aging Immunoassay Analyzer at BC Women’s Hospital.  This complex, new equipment is a powerful tool for sensitive and quantitative analysis of 24 conditions.

“The baby may actually look perfect at birth,” says Dr. Hilary Vallance.  “The doctor may not think the baby has a problem at all.  So, it can be completely silent, but the damage is happening.  Early detection and prompt treatment is key, as some conditions can lead to sudden unexpected death or irreversible brain damage”.