Simon Fraser University

Friends of Simon

In an effort to ensure that immigrant and refugee children and youth are equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes to help them succeed in Canada, the Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation has partnered with SFU through its Friends of Simon Program. It is a Faculty of Education initiative which pays undergraduate students to tutor newcomers to Canada.

The importance of education is universal

Friends of Simon recruits, prepares, and assigns university students as literacy tutors particularly with newcomer K-12 students.

Unlocking Potential

Friends of Simon works to increase school success through after-school, Saturday, and summer programs in small group and individualized settings thereby seeking to unlock the potential of new Canadians.


Artwork by the students from Green Timbers School, Surrey

Making a Difference

In addition to its focus on literacy and breaking down barriers, the goals of Friends of Simon are to provide role models of success and to bring the University to the community.

The Best Learning

Teaching is often seen as the transmission of knowledge, in the manner of filling up empty minds. Education, however, is a process that builds on the prior experience of the learner and evokes new learning through engagement, questioning, and acknowledgment of the individual.
~ Paul Shaker, Professor emeritus and Friends of Simon Director