Coast Mental Health

Coast Mental Health believes that recovery from mental illness is possible and for 45 years, the staff and volunteers have been accomplishing this by providing housing, support services and employment and education.

They provide residential care services to over 1,000 people at 45 locations in Greater Vancouver and they help connect people with the skills and opportunities they need to pursue meaningful occupations.

Nourishing Meals

Recovery from mental illness is unimaginable for someone burdened with persistent hunger. Coast Mental Health provides over 900 meals each day to give people the nourishment they need to imagine a future beyond mental illness.

Safe Places

Coast provides gardens at several sites. These are safe spaces where people can connect with each other, skilled workers and nature to inspire them on their path to recovery.


Coast’s Transitional Employment Program allows members to participate in supported, healing work experience, and ease back into the workforce at their own pace.

Help for the Future

At Coast, they believe in seeing people as they are, and then helping them to imagine their future by providing them with all the support services they need to get there.



Many small people, in many small places, do many small things, that can alter the face of the world.

~ Unknown