Schools in Iran

Ongoing Work

Masoud Eshghi and the Mowafaghian Team in Iran track whether students graduate, go onto university or open their own business. This helps benchmark how well the students are being served.

Maintaining the Highest Standards

Masoud Eshghi is responsible for the maintenance of all the projects in Iran and ensures the faculty and students receive the equipment and supplies necessary to continue to provide a high standard of education. Students, parents, teachers and Ministry staff monitor supplies and required equipment. The team then acquires and distributes the necessary items, based on the needs of the individual schools.

Service to Others


Service to others is about taking responsibility for what is wrong in a community and doing something to remedy it ~ Djavad Mowafaghian

School Supplies

Disabled girls display their gift bags containing new school supplies.

New Outfits

Children being outfitted in new clothes at the beginning of the new school year.

Teaching Resources


Necessary classroom teaching resources are delivered to the schools each new school year.

Meals Matter

Meals matter. Any teacher or parent can tell you that children who lack proper nutrition have trouble focusing in school.
~ Masoud Eshghi

Renovations Underway

To date, 18 schools have been renovated and modernized under Masoud Eshghi’s watchful eye.

Renovations Complete


A failure to renovate these school buildings would send a message of indifference to students, rather than showing them how much we value their education ~ Masoud Eshghi

Inspiring Hope


We want to instill a sense of power, inspire hope, keep scholarship opportunities alive and communication open so that they know they have a friend in us ~ Vahid Eshghi