Sharif University

Leading the Way

Sharif University of Technology is a research university which is widely recognized as Iran’s leading institution for engineering and physical sciences.

Joining the Quest

The need for neurorehabilitation, a complex process that aids recovery from paralysis due to stroke, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, compelled Djavad Mowafaghian to donate a property to the University of Sharif to assist its scientists in their quest to help patients recover.

Research Centre

The property is now home to the Djavad Mowafaghian Research Centre of Intelligent Neurorehabilitation Technologies (DMRCINT).

Grand Opening

Documents are signed and Grand Opening of DMRCINT is celebrated.

As part of the customized therapy programs, DMRCINT offers equipment and technologies that improve mobility and health in patients who have experienced neurological diseases or injuries.

Offering a Sense of Dignity

Neurorehabilitation offers patients the ability to regain a sense of dignity and independence through increased function.

Positive Results

Patients are elated to regain any movement in limbs once thought useless.

Best Therapies

The specifics of how someone walks, how their nervous system behaves and what changes are taking place ultimately lead us to the best therapies for each individual patient ~ DMRCINT Researcher

Hope for the Future

DMRCINT leads a team of innovative neurorehabilitation researchers whose ultimate goal is to develop novel interventions to increase a person’s ability to walk, use their arms, regain their balance and return to their lives and careers.

Alternative Solutions

Neurorehabilitation is a specialty of neuroscience that tries to recover patients from nerve injuries and tries to minimize the loss by finding functional alternative solutions in coping with it.

Ultimate Goal

By bringing together leading clinicians and researchers in stroke, spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions, people with these disabilities are offered hope for the future.

Reshaping the Brain

Evidence suggests that the brain, when given the right set of exercises or therapies, can reshape itself to become more efficient. This revelation has far-reaching consequences and DMRCINT’s neurorehabilitation researchers are discovering new ways to improve the brain’s health and performance.

Innovative Treatments

Currently, there are no cures for most neurological diseases or conditions that cause disability. However, at DMRCINT, innovative treatments with the potential to significantly reduce the disabilities associated with neurological conditions and improve an individual’s function and quality of life are being provided.

Towards Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation helps people to regain functional independence from disability caused by injuries or diseases affecting the nervous system.

A Visit to Vancouver

Dr. M. Movahhedy, Dr. Farahmand and Dr. Behzadipour of Sharif University of Technology travel to Vancouver

Effective Interventions

DMRCINT’s broad aim is to develop effective interventions to improve functional abilities and quality of life for people with motor control impairments through physical therapy and exercise-based interventions.